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Hey, I'm Robn and I like sounds.

I create short, no bs, to-the-point guides for everything and anything related to electronic music production.

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5 Ways To Find Free Quality Samples Online

Okay, so you’re currently trying to extend your sample library but don’t know where to find free quality samples to use in your production. I know how it...
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20 Tips To Improve Your EDM Mixdowns

This post consists of a few simple guidelines to help you mix your tracks. Although it won’t show you how to do it step by step, I still hope it will help you in...
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11 Tips to Improve Your Workflow While Mixing

Have you ever felt stuck while trying to work on your mixdown for your tracks? Do you feel like you aren’t as effective as you want to be?...
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How I produced my remake of Madeon - All My Friends

This is an exciting post to write. I decided to produce a remake of the drop of Madeon’s new track “All My Friends” and you can watch the full 2 h+ raw...
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Xfer OTT Review

OTT, or Over the Top Compression, can be seen everywhere from live streaming produces to 99% of downloadable remakes on YouTube. Why is that? Well...
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Splice is the secret sauce to a successful production. Splice is god’s gift to the bedroom producer on a budget. Splice is what you have dreamt about at night...
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XLN Audio Addictive Keys Review

I’ve always had a problem finding a good sounding, smooth and realistic piano VST plugin. After doing some research on the topic, I found all the standard ones...
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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Review

I’m very excited to write about this plugin for many reasons. Even though Omnisphere 2 was released in april 2015, I didn’t take a closer look into it until earlier...
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